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Primary School Wellbeing Program

Positive Living Skills supports the mental wellbeing of students, teachers and families 

Research suggests students participating in PLS:

  • exhibited positive growth in social and emotional development

  • experienced significant impact on awareness of others and development of self-respect

  • applied PLS aspects into their school and home lives, and

  • would have liked to learn about PLS earlier

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The Positive Living Skills Primary School Wellbeing Program has been independently reviewed and is listed in the Be You Programs Directory. It meets the minimum evidence requirements set by Be You and has been awarded a rating for evidence and implementation. 

Primary School Wellbeing Program Children Playing
Primary School Program Children

PLS supports educators through:

  • common language pre-prepared resources teaching mental health and life skills

  • lessons and concepts mapped to National and State Curriculums and teaching standards

  • planning and Assessment tools help prepare, implement, assess and extend learning

  • educator wellbeing professional development series topics of leadership, positive focus and self-care

PLS supports families and communities through:

  • Resources that travel home with students

  • The Family Link online hub filled with FREE songs, guided relaxation audios, activities and more for children 0-5, 6-12 and 13+ years.

  • Each PLS concept includes newsletters to share with families.

  • Improving mental wellbeing and positive life skills from educating children at a young age

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Mental Illness is escalating out of control

and affecting children as young as 5 and teachers and
school communities are overwhelmed

Children mental health stats



50% of mental health conditions emerge by age 14

Children mental health stats



More than 75% of mental health problems occur before the age of 25

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13% of children aged 4-17 experience a mental disorder in any given year

What educators are saying:

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"I think it’s really good to have (PLS) because it models what positive behaviour is. Like some of the home lives of our kids wouldn’t have a lot of positive behaviour at home so it’s good that we don’t have to sort of start from scratch – Oh, how do I teach that? Or how do I teach self-talk?"

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"I have a few kids in my class that struggle with focusing and really putting their head down and getting their work done. So …when we were doing focus I just felt like it just had a real shift in my classroom. I was surprised by how positively it was received from the get go from the students. I was hoping for that, but I was still surprised by how much the kids loved it.”

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“I have a few anxious kids in my class, but I have noticed a change in them with their confidence even just recognising as well that they have the potential to do something whereas before they would’ve just not even tried.It was a really beautiful and easy way to get to know the kids at another level and I think as a teacher at a personal level that helped me in the classroom because it helped me work out where they were coming from for a lot of different things, it was an open place where they could open up.”

What children are saying

See how children interrepted the PLS Concepts taught in the program as outlined in the CSU 2020 report

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PLS Relaxation Concept Icon

“Helps us calm our-self down and calm our emotions. You can go somewhere and just count – take deep breaths and just calm … down."

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“It can help you like if you have a big like tests or a game of sport or something, like get rid of all your nerves”

PLS Feelings Concept Icon

“You can change being angry to being happy when someone does something kind and nice to you or

for you”

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“Like…you’ve got to think of things that are happening now, like you’ve got to be in the present”

PLS Primary School Wellbeing Program
24 month online subscription

Primary School Wellbeing Program
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When your school subscribes to PLS, you gain access to: 

216 individually scripted Learning experiences

Instant online access to digital program and download via zip files

All mapped to Aust. Curriculum and NSW PDHPE Syllabus

Planning Mapping and Assessment Matrix supporting educators to plan, implement, assess and extend learning

Referenced educator resources

Audios Visuals and some Videos

36 Units of Work covering Foundation, Years 1-2, Years 3-4 and Years 5-6

Starter Kit including 20 x highlight clickers, 15 x posters, 1 x plush Possa Bill puppet (sent by mail)

3 x online on-demand PD sessions available to all educators

Resources for families and access to PLS 'Family Link'

Includes onboarding support from PLS

24 month subscription allows a 2 year repeatable scope based on 1 x 15 minute lesson being delivered across the school per week

Primary School Program Sample Lessons
Primary School Wellbeing Program Sample Lessons

2 Year Auto Renewable Pricing Options*

*The first 2 years allows the full program to be delivered and begin to be embedded in the positive culture of the school.

Schools can cancel after the first 24 months.

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24 Monthly Instalments

Price options:

2 year auto-renewable licence with 24 months initial ‘lock-in’ period

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1-10 users $125/month
11-35 users $220/month
36+ users $285/month
(Prices exclude gst)

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1-10 users $2580
11-35 users $4580
36+ users $5980
(Prices exclude gst)

Prices options:

2 year auto-renewable licence with 24 months initial ‘lock-in’ period

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